The All-in-One Visual Kubernetes Application Platform

While Kubernetes offers a huge promise for the enterprise, it has placed a massive burden on developers. We founded CloudPlex to address this problem
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asad faizi (CEO)

Asad Faizi

Founder and CEO

Asad has over 20 years experience at senior level technical positions at large enterprises including Microsoft, PayPal, Intel Corporation and Netscape. Asad played a key role in taking C-Bridge Corporation from early-stage startup to a successful IPO.

kathleen willard (CMO/CGO)

Aftab Farooqi

Co-Founder and COO

Aftab Farooqi has 14 years experience with the Telecom industry. He has founded and successfully led a software and consulting company with several major clients in Telecom and Software industries. He is on the advisory board and board of directors of multiple companies and is mentoring several startups.

kathleen willard (CMO/CGO)

Kathleen Willard


20+ years as an accomplished Silicon Valley marketing and growth leader building strategic markets resulting in profitable revenue streams. Partnered with key industry giants, such as Facebook, Google, AT&T, and Toyota … to advance disruptive technology innovation.


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